Instantly OpenAM (CDP Demo)

Posted by Brad Dean on April 28th, 2015. 


When it comes to the future of deployment and administration of OpenAM in the cloud, on prem or in a hybrid model with the Centralized Deployment Point OpenAM only takes an instant to build, upgrade, scale, patch and support through the usage of Identity Orchestration.  

In about 15 minutes a fully functional HA/SSL/Replicated environment is available for your team to start developing to.  Auto-Configuration and tuning are present out of the box taking care of best practices regardless of whether the deployment is B2B, B2C, or SSO within an internal environment.  

The video shown below is a simple demo showing the Drag and Drop functionality and deployment of the full Open Source Instant IAM Stack which supports additional dynamic integrations with other applications, data stores, and other vendors IAM components all powered by a deployment and orchestration engine that works with CHEF, Puppet, Ansible, AWS, and/or VMware.